Wednesday, November 23, 2005

UplandHarma Books

One of the joys of traveling is getting to explore used book stores. It is even nicer when the book store owner likes to talk about his business. Jerry Haley of Uplandharma Books in Upland, Indiana is one such bookowner, and we had a great time talking about pricing of books, what books to stock and to stalk, what books to have to attract customers in the store, and the differences in bookstores due to geographical locations. Jerry shares the same admiration for reprints with the old fashioned decorated hardcovers as I do as we talked at some lenght some about these reprints. The book in my hand in the photo is a limited edition reprint # 454 of 500 of "Wings" by Gene Stratton-Porter that goes for $71.75 in his store. Later in the day, we went to Gene Stratton-Porter's home on the edge of the Limberlost Swamp (remember reading "Freckles" or "The Girl of the Limberlost"?) and found several copies of the book for under $45.oo!

The Limberlost Swamp was drained during Gene's lifetime and she moved several miles away to a lakeside property to continue her writings. Shorltly after that she went to Hollywood to put some of her books to film. You can buy them on DVD at the store behind the sign in the picture

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