Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving Dinner

Here is one Thanksgiving Picture with the people and so little food in view - but the table is loaded full and the same was said of our bellies a short while later. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday instead of Thursday as Bear and family flew in on Thursday and Dad, Sue and Cindy came up on Friday to join us. It was the first time Cindy and Dad had been up for many years and it was good to see them. After dinner we had Evening Prayer after the Anglican Tradition.

Dad also took to the playing the dulcimer he build for us many years ago from his own plans and kit he designed. The strings needed to be replaced, but he did play a tune he composed many years ago when Cindy was in California and worried parents were wondering what she was dong. I've already forgotten the title of the tune, but I'll slip it in here later.

And here is Dad with his two Great Grandsons.

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andyp said...

Hey, those are some good looking kids. Must be some good genes.