Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Apples for pies

I've fallen way behind in posting the pictures and telling the stories of a trip to Indiana. So here is a picture appropriate for what Joan is now doing -- making an apple (cranbery) pie, although not from the apples in the orchard in the picture. Unfortunately, we left the apples at Dan and Julie's house. Hope you guys have made a pie from what we left!

On the left is a biology prof at Taylor. He was quite knowledgeble about apples and it just happens to be his orchard. Most of these trees have multiple grafs on them, which mean several varieties on a single tree. It's not often you get to taste so many different apples to compare them. My memory being what it is, I can't remember which one I liked best, and probably couldn't get it anywhere else if I could remember it!

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