Saturday, June 07, 2008

World Flute Trio

Carl Dimow (bass flute), Nicole Rabata (Irish Flute) and Phil Nyuokai (shakuhacki flute) gave us one grand time last night. This was an amazing blend of Irish, Japanese, Jewish and European music. Ever hear an Irish-Japanese Blues? We did - I think the first time that they played it - so there is no recording of it, but it was some sweet music that left me feeling alive and soothed. I thought the opening footstomper (with an Japanese shakuhacki?-- ya!) was going to be the best, but it just kept getting better. Especially nice was classical guitarist Nathan Kolosko who joined Carl for 2 numbers. The most amazing piece was the last number where there was the most awesome blending of Irish flute and Japanese flute with a suporting bass flute melding into the turns the Irish flute and Japanese flute took at playing melodies that were hard to say were either Irish or Japanese -- they were both at the same time. It is like the music was made for each other's instruments! Here is a link to their site, but the concert was so much better than any samples I found. The World Flute Trio.

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