Friday, December 21, 2007

Snow Snow Snow

Snow.... snow .... snow!
3 Big storms in little more than a week. Soon Pepper will be home free!


Fly Fisher said...

Hey Dad...we have high speed access now so I can comment on your blog without it taking 15min.

Looks like you guys are getting walluped with snow. We have about 18" but we could use some more.

andyp said...

Put some snowshoes on Pepper and she will be free!

Ms said...

Dana, Even after 40+/- years, I recognized your picture! Hard to believe it's been that long ago you lived in NJ. *g* I didn't see an email to write, but if you could email me, I sure would love to get in touch with Susan! Remember me? Marilyn? My mom still lives on Apache, but dad is gone a long time. If you see this, email me at I really would love to e Susie and just say hi to you. Your family looks WONDERFUL! Looks like our families are about the same size, too, LOL.

Marilyn (Kelty) M.