Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Curtis Comes Through

Two days before Christmas I wondered up to say hi to Curtis at Book Traders. Since Curtis is often the last book dealer on people's list I never expected him to have a book Dad wanted. When I asked for books by Helen Nearing, he didn't think he had them either, but low and behold he had the one book that Dad was looking for (Light on Aging and Dying); hardcover, in good shape and only $5.00. Made my day, and Curtis's.

Cervical Relief

Thanks to your prayers, God's grace and some physical therapy I am now pain free! Will be blogging more again; I really miss doing it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cervical Oblique

In case some of you were wondering, here is proof I have some backbone.

It's not the typical way you might look at me, but this is what I look like to an x-ray machine.

Indication: Neck pain and paresthesias. No History of trauma.

Findings: There is no evidence for acute fracture, subluxation, or abnormal prevertebfal soft tissue swelling. The intervertebral disc spaces appear preserved and the nerual foramina appear pattent bitlaterally.

Impression: No obvious fracture. Should the patient's symptoms persist, further evaluation with MRI would be suggested.

In other words, no-one really knows why I've got a genuine pain in the neck that comes and goes and won't let me sleep anywhere but on my back with me looking straight up at the ceiling. Try sleeping that way all night for several nights! It's weird, the Doctor can't do anything for me and Advil won't touch the pain, but a light touch with my fingers on the side of my neck and the pain goes away (that is until I remove my finger). I'll work with a physical therapist for a week - then try some more drastic manipulation with a DO. Pray for me -- I'm headed to Boston Thursday for a Microsoft Seminar.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trust Offered

Trust offered is a rare experience -- so yesterday's noon time adventure at Marcy's Diner threw me off guard. I was feeling particularly discouraged so decided a hamburger and community at my favorite diner would provide some relief.

Right after I ordered the hamburger I had this horrible thought about an empty wallet. I quickly checked and found only three dollars for a four dollar hamburger. Much to my surprise, the waitress told me if I was coming back another time, just bring the rest. She wasn't looking for the money today, just whenever. My stomach and spirits lept for joy as I was hungry and didn't know if I could quite survive the trip to the bank and back.

What really amazes me about this experience, is the offer she made. As I remember it (hunger may have clouded my memory) she offered to trust me for the remainder. I wondered, did I look that desperate? I doubt it - I just think she had a compasionate heart...

By the way -- check out the link to Marcy's Diner. You'll see a picture of the place. It is right next to where I work, and is mostly locals who eat there. It is inexpensive - good food - and friendly. Being next to the Maine College of Art, it also has some very interestingly dressed artists who are making statements that aren't at all to clear to me...