Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cervical Oblique

In case some of you were wondering, here is proof I have some backbone.

It's not the typical way you might look at me, but this is what I look like to an x-ray machine.

Indication: Neck pain and paresthesias. No History of trauma.

Findings: There is no evidence for acute fracture, subluxation, or abnormal prevertebfal soft tissue swelling. The intervertebral disc spaces appear preserved and the nerual foramina appear pattent bitlaterally.

Impression: No obvious fracture. Should the patient's symptoms persist, further evaluation with MRI would be suggested.

In other words, no-one really knows why I've got a genuine pain in the neck that comes and goes and won't let me sleep anywhere but on my back with me looking straight up at the ceiling. Try sleeping that way all night for several nights! It's weird, the Doctor can't do anything for me and Advil won't touch the pain, but a light touch with my fingers on the side of my neck and the pain goes away (that is until I remove my finger). I'll work with a physical therapist for a week - then try some more drastic manipulation with a DO. Pray for me -- I'm headed to Boston Thursday for a Microsoft Seminar.


Danoudperk said...

Wow, that is amazing and really scary. I hope and pray all is well. Maybe you could get a giant clamp that will pinch that one spot???
Dan P

andyp said...

That stinks. Maybe you can get an acupuncture necklace, but Budgie's clamp would be a better conversation piece.