Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lunchtime Adventure

Ok – thanks to Julie’s example and encouragement I am going to try to post here more often. If nothing else, I can record my noontime adventures which have been many and varied. The adventures center around used bookstores, but include a variety of other surprises as well.

Maybe I will start with a Friday adventure of some time ago. I headed down toward the Old Port determined to only walk and not buy lunch (it get’s expensive) and ran into Anthony’s Italian Restaurant, next to Bull Moose music. This restaurant has live dinner shows on Friday and Saturday nights in this wonderfully, but simply decorated small basement area made out to be like a villa. So I say to myself - how can they do live shows here? I edged up to the counter, and low and behold the owner was there and explained the whole thing to me – like these are well known opera singers (The Tenors) and others on Friday and Saturday nights. I know he is telling me the truth because their photos and autographed memorabilia is on the wall above one of the counters. The place only seats about 24 people. The very Italian owner says there is still room for Friday night. Tickets are something like $35.00 and include a three course dinner with a bottle of wine. So I say – how can I not do this. However, we already had arrangements for the weekend. Well, I made it through that the day without buying lunch.

I wasn’t so lucky the next day. It was Friday and I went back to chat with the owner again, when concertino music met my ears along with the Italian lunch aromas as I entered the basement restuarant. Sitting on a stool was this 80 year old man who rides in bicycle into Portland on the Friday’s he is not cutting wood, to play for those eating lunch. I could have restrained myself from buying lunch with the aromas alone, but combined with the great music my resistance melted away. It was a great lunch and I learned to stay away when I can not afford to eat…


Jewels said...

What a unique place - and a great place to take Joan on a date some Friday night! :)

Danoudperk said...

Mmmm . . I could take Julie there sometime, when I ve been a bad husband. That is the ticket!