Sunday, October 31, 2004

One of my recent morning walks with Pepper in the cementery. It is not unusual to find such breathtaking views. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Nice shot of the cemetery and sun. Have you been working on your photography skills?

Fly Fisher said...

I remember this area well.

On the pavement I left a lot of rubber from my RC car.

In the grass I left some balsa splinters from gliders.

There used to be a "Tarzan Rope" about 20 yard to the ocean side of the tree that would swing out over the ditch. Is that still there?

I also remember when the water was high ice skating from that tree out to the ocean by the fence that held the big oil tanks.

Dana said...

No - the Tarzan rope is long gone, and kids to not seem to play much down at the cememtary anymore. Guess the video games and other attractions have their attention.

No - not working on photography skills, just taking pictures!