Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Engaging Your Emotions Against Evil

I don't like the title for this book, but the contents really captivated me. The subtitle much more accurately describes what the book is about.

Prayer requests often seem so weak, because we are not really sure what God's will is. Not wanting to be presumtuous, I often think as I pray, "if it is your will, Lord". But then this puts me in the frame of mind where I don't really expect God to answer my prayer. He is going to go ahead and do what He wants to do whatever I ask. So my prayer is emptied of emotion.

This book was helpful in my seeing that "Jesus didn't ask his disciples to pray according to his will and then neglect to let them know what it was."(page 51) We know what God's character is and the intentions he has for us. There is not as much need to put a reign on my prayers as I have been doing. I am not sure how God will work out the circumstances and I am glad I can leave that to Him, but there is plenty I do know and plenty he has asked me to pray about, and with no caveats. So my prayers are now more decisive and persistent.

This would make a good book to use for our Family Reunion this summer. If anyone is interested in it -- let me know and I'll order you a copy - shipped direct to your home in time to at least look through it.