Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I had real good luck with the compost this year. It is nice and light and black with little junk in it. I use grass clippings, kitchen wastes, leaves and stuff from the garden. I usually put it at the far side in the picture and turn it to the left -- then reverse and turn it to the right and then back again where it ends up in the bin on the end.

This year's garden

We managed to get a yard of nice clean wood chips when the delivery next door would not fit in the space available. The carpet is wearing out - so the wood chips arrived just in time to spread them out in the paths. I thined the forsythia out and gave away a bunch of them to neighbors and friends. I've also torn out a lot of the dogwood at the edge of the garden. My brush pile is now 6 feet high and about 10 foot wide and 10 fit high - after jumping on it several times! Got to take it all to the dump soon.
Broccli and lettuce has been planted.