Monday, March 09, 2009

Perkins Poetry

The following two poems were found in a undated (about 20 years ago) special edition of a Second Parish OPC Newsletter called All Creatures Great & Small.

Deep in the forest of the Amazon jungle
is this place I know.
In this place where the cheetah has no spots,

the zebra has not a single stripe,
the banana is always ripe,
the giraffe has no neck,
and the woodpecker does not peck,
is a rare and most unusual treasure.
This treasure fulfills every worldly pleasure,

but to obtain it an exchange must be made:
The human soul for this unusual treasure.

Woe to the man who makes this trade
and follows his greedy desire,
for he shall burn in the eternal fire

when he dies and leaves his treasure.
Ha! He will pay to the fullest measure
for his foolish action.
Now we must leave this place

and leave not a trace
of our being here.
My friends, let us leave this treasure

to the animals who have no souls to give.
Let us not follow our fantasies and wildest dreams

or we may not fulfill our purpose in life.
This purpose is to love God
and feed our cats and dogs.
--Andrew Perkins

Have a good day in Zion,
Said the lion to the sheep;
For if you venture from its gates,
It surely will be for keeps.
--Dana Perkins