Saturday, March 04, 2006

Smithwicks Irish Ale

My ability to describe the taste of beers and to distinquish the nutty, fruity, metallic etc... nuances is non existent. I like a beer or not and it is because it taste good or not. Aftertaste can be bad or good. There can be no aftertaste and that is its own virture. I supposed all the nutty, fruity, metallic etc... qualities of the beer is what makes me like or dislike a particular beer, but to describe it -- that is not a natural or acquired ability for me.

So Smithwick's Irish Ale has a thumbs up vote from me just because I like it. Tuesday night Joan and I ventured down to the Peddler's Daughter Resturant in Haverall, MA to have dinner with Joan's sister Mary. When it came to choosing an ale, they were out of the one I wanted to try (it had a nice name), so Smithwick's was served up. I wasn't disappointed. Definitely good with very little aftertaste.

Looking on the web this morning I ran across a site where people rate beers. Much to my delight, I found my ability to distinquish taste has good company. Smithwick's, according to some has no metalic taste, but lots of metallic taste to others. It has a head, and it doesn' have a head. It is very hoppy, and then again it isn't. I've come to the conclusion this difference of opinion is because either there are people with as little ability as I or everyone's tastes buds function differently and make the taste a different experience.